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December 14, 2012

NRT Completes Great Woods Boardwalk

The Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield (NRT) finished construction of a 250 foot boardwalk along the Red Trail in the Mansfield Great Woods. The walkway crosses a wet area over the Blueberry Brook. Funding for the project was provided by the Town of Mansfield Non Profit Gift Fund. The area was impassable in the spring, due to high water. The new walkway will allow access to the end of the Red Trail and access to the White Trail.

The project was spearheaded by NRT members Colin Cauldwell and Lou Andrews. Colin did the construction. Volunteers helped to move the materials hundreds of feet to the project site. A special thank you goes to helpers Jerry, Gus, and Joey Huiskamp; Tom and Roger Hellard; Tod Snyder; Carl Lambrecht, and Janice and Charles Meszoely.

This completes the third major project by the NRT, over the past two years, to improve access to the conservation areas. The NRT replaced the bridge across the Rumford River last year and reconstructed a bridge in the York Conservation Area this year.

The NRT plans to build two smaller boardwalks in the Great Woods, and other trail maintenance projects in 2013.

Boardwalk web2

Construction helpers. Tod Snyder (3rd fron left) and Gerry Huiskamp and his boys.

Colin Cauldwell.
Colin did most of the construction.

Boardwalk web
Mansfield Scouts Build New Bridge in Conservation Area

The Dorothy L. York Conservation area has a new footbridge thanks to Boy Scout Troop 51 and their helpers. Eagle Scout Nick DeMassi spearheaded the project to replace the rickety old bridge. The bridge crosses wetlands along the orange trail. Over a three weekend period the old bridge was removed and a new one constructed. The bridge was designed by Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield President Lou Andrews with the help of Vice-President Colin Cauldwell. The materials were donated by Mansfield Crossing owners WS Development. The scouts plan to mark the trails with permanent markers in the coming weeks.

The following Scouts assisted Nick DeMassi in the project. Troop 51 members Brendan McCormick, Joseph Greene, Matthew Greene, Patrick Daly, Jim Daly, and Owen Haynes; along with Joseph and Gus Huiskamp. Supervising the project were John DeMassi, Gerry Huiskamp, Colin Cauldwell, and Lou Andrews.

Residents are welcome to visit the York Conservation Area on Branch Street and walk the beautiful trails. Click here to download a trail map.


Award to Colin Cauldwell
Boardwalk -Red Trail

Four generations of Mansfield conservation activists inspect the new boardwalk. (l-r) Harry Chase, NRT founding member; Leonard Flynn, NRT past president; Colin Cauldwell, NRT vice president; and Lou Andrews, NRT president.

York Bridge w scouts

Bridge builders: (l-r): From Troop 51 Brendan McCormick, Joseph Greene, Matthew Greene, and Nick DeMassi; other helpers are Joe Huiskamp and Gus Huiskamp. Not shown from Troop 51 are Patrick Daly, Jim Daly, and Owen Haynes.

York Conservation Area Bridge 2012-08-25
 Colin Cauldwell Honored

The Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield (NRT) honored Colin Cauldwell with an award for his contributions to Mansfield’s conservation efforts at their 40th Annual Meeting on May 12th, 2011 .

Colin was instrumental in building the new bridge across the Rumford River. The bridge provides access to the Taylor’s Hill section of the Great Woods. He has also led many bird walks through the Great Woods and Corporal Francis Hardy Conservation Areas for the NRT and as Chairman of the Conservation Commission.

Pictured: NRT President Lou Andrews (right) presents conservation award to Conservation Commission Chairman Colin Cauldwell.

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