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Acquisition Director Tod Snyder completed the acquisition of 8.5 acres on Fruit Street, thanks to a donation from Ken and Lorraine  Williamson 

In addition the NRT has acquired two additional parcels totaling 16.9 acres along the rail-to-trails, thanks to a generous donation from Nancy Eames and Deborah Scarpellini.

The properties are south of the NRT owned WWII Veterans’ Memorial Nature Trails property.

The areas is heavily wooded. .

The NRT plans to add trails in the future

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The NRT announced the winner of the “Name the Critters” contest held at the recent Downtown Family Fun Night.

The winner is Allie Colasanto of Mansfield. Allie is 6 years old and will be entering the first grade. She enjoys nature. Allie and her brother have put together a "nature bowl" with things they have found in their backyard... an empty bird's egg is the jewel of their collection, which also includes a variety of interesting looking fauna. They enjoy nature hikes as well.

The prize was a National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America. The prize was put to good use watching their backyard and bird feeder to identify the ones she has seen - a Cardinal, Blue Jay, Chickadee, Robin, Sparrow and Goldfinch are some; and also a hawk and mourning doves perched on their swing set.

Allie Colasanto

Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield (NRT) announced the winner of the ‘Birds in Your Backyard” contest held at the recent Downtown Family Fun Night.

Congratulations to the winner Adam Johnson of Norton. Adam correctly named all the birds pictured at the Mansfield Family Fun Night NRT table.

Adam is 9 years old and attends St. Mary's Catholic School, grade 4. Adam likes to read and learn new things. He really likes all kinds of sea creatures, turtles, and he loves to fish. He has learned a lot about honey bees, and is interested in most types of animals. He enjoys camping and hiking. His favorite bird is the Osprey, favorite fish is the Brook Trout, and favorite plant the Venus Fly Trap.
This is the first year of the contest whose goal is to encourage an awareness of the birds and other critters that are in your backyard. The prize is a natural book.

Adam Johnson

Outreach Chair Sally Fehervari presenting the prizes to Allie and Adam

Creating Natural Habitats

NRT is encouraging Mansfield residents to join the National Wildlife Federations Certified Wildlife Habitat® Program.

Whether you have an apartment balcony or a 20-acre farm, you can provide a natural home and create a garden that attracts beautiful wildlife and helps restore habitat in Mansfield. By providing food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young you not only help wildlife, but you also qualify to become an official Certified Wildlife Habitat®.

Certification information and the checklist are at .  Once certification is complete, you will earn a numbered certificate, and a free one-year subscription to National Wildlife Magazine.

Yard signs are available from the NWF for a small fee to let your neighbors know you care about Mansfield’s wildlife and environment.

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