The Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield awarded its first annual NRT Leonard Flynn Environmental Scholarship this year. The scholarship was established in honor of the one-of-a-kind Lenny Flynn, a Mansfield mainstay who worked tirelessly to preserve and protect the environment in its natural state. The winner of the $1000 scholarship was Sarah Jaye Mullahy, a Mansfield High School graduating senior who demonstrated a strong commitment to safeguarding the environment.


The NRT is pleased to announce Julie Romano as the winner of the Leonard Flynn Environmental Scholarship for 2017. Julie will be majoring in conservation biology at State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, in the fall. The award was given by Mary Kate Flynn at the scholarship ceremonies on May 30th. Congratulations and best of luck to Julie.


 The Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield was pleased to award the Leonard F. Flynn Environmental Scholarship to Amber Durant, a senior who plans to attend the Maine Maritime Academy.  In her application, Amber talked about her multi-year experiences with the New England Aquarium, which included an eelgrass transplant project in collaboration with Boston University.  She was also on the ClimaTeen leadership program that ran through the school year and she has been a Live Blue Ambassador with the NE Aquarium

Scholarship chair Deborah Snyder
with winner Maggie Daneh

The Leonard F. Flynn Environmental scholarship for 2019 was awarded to Mansfield High School senior Margaret Danehy, who plans to pursue a degree in environmental engineering at the University of New Hampshire. In her senior year, Maggie became especially interested in marine biology. She learned of the harmful impact climate change has on coral reefs, and she became interested in projects that create artificial reefs to preserve aquatic habitat.
In her senior year, Maggie was a student in Advanced Placement Biology. Aside from academics, Maggie showed her commitment to the environment through a variety of activities. She created and posted flyers in school and around town to increase awareness of problems climate change causes on coastal communities. She started a petition asking Dunkin donuts to end the use of Styrofoam cups because of their harm to the environment.
We wish Maggie luck in her future endeavors.


The NRT Scholarship Committee is delighted to announce that Joshua Griffin is the winner of the 2020 NRT Leonard Flynn Environmental Scholarship. Joshua is a student at Mass Maritime Academy, where he is majoring in Marine Science, Safety, and Environmental Protection. His plans are to focus on protecting the environment. Josh has a life-long love of the outdoors and is concerned about preserving and protecting conservation lands, saying he wants future generations to be able to enjoy them as much as he does. “That is why I am majoring in and focusing my career on the protection of our great outdoors,” he said.
Josh recently worked with the Mansfield Conservation Department, helping to create an inventory of trail systems for the town-owned conservation areas. Mansfield Conservation and Environmental Planner Katelyn Gonyer had nothing but the highest of praise for Josh’s strong work ethic and his ability to work independently on this project. “I believe that Lenny Flynn would have been pleased with Josh’s efforts to preserve the lands Lenny loved so much,” Gonyer said.
The NRT offers heartfelt congratulations to Josh, with best wishes for his continued success.